SENRI Function Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

Tracking and Check-in:

Use GPS to track staff movement including customer check-in verification

Customized Report:

Arrange customer visit reports including multiple types of questionnaires, stock reports, and photos

Plan Routes and Visits:

Monitor daily customer appointments and route plans using integrated calendar, including assignment of meetings

Sub-Inventory Management:

Automatically reconcile stocks of vans and/or small retail stores

SENRI Function Order-Delivery Execution

Order-Delivery Execution

Order Taking and Processing:

Take orders at the storefront using customizable product and pricing list to send orders immediately to the office.

Process and Delivery Management:

Once you receive order from SENRI, you will be able to modify and approve it to send to warehouses. SENRI further can track delivery of products.

Multiple Pricing:

Set rules of pricing based on the types of customers including rules of bulk discount / promotion.

ERP Integration:

SENRI has an extensive module of ERP integration APIs for SAP, sage and others.

SENRI Function Customer Communication

Customer Communication

Customer Mapping and Database:

SENRI will help you in map out your customers with geographic tags. Accumulate further information of sales and payment history.

Direct Sales and Promotion (SENRI DO):

You will be able to activate your customers directly with whatsapp-based direct order taking module

SMS Communication:

Select types of customers and send bulk promotional message via bulk SMS.

Distributor Management:

You can structure your customers into multiple layers and tiers to view the performance of your distributors

SENRI Function Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Customized Analytics Tools:

SENRI web app allows you to analyze historical sales and activity data with detailed analytics modules

Integration with External Analytic Tools:

SENRI has API to connect to Google DataStudio and other external analytic tools for you to conduct customized analysis

Sales Targeting:

You can assign ranges of targets for field staff and customers so that they can view targets every day

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