Fitur yang kami sediakan

Package Enterprise
Product Features
  • (Web) Activity Report
  • (Mobile) GPS Tracking, Check in, Call Log
Laporan laporan
  • (Web) Visit Report, Report Analysis
  • (Mobile) Visit Report, Product Report
Ambil order
  • (Web) Sales Trend, Transaction
  • (Mobile) Sales/Delivery
  • (Web)(Mobile) Get-Fence
Pengaturan target
  • (Web)(Mobile) Target Management
Pengaturan jadwal kunjungan
  • (Web) Schedule Management, Plan Summary
  • (Mobile) Schedule
Pengaturan pembayaran
  • (Web) Payment Management, Payment History
  • (Mobile) Payment
Inventory Management
  • (Web) Sub-Inventory, Main-Inventory
  • (Mobile) Sub-Inventory
Google Data Studios (GDS) Embedding
Promotions Management
Aplikasi untuk B2B dan toko ritel
Online Initial Training
  • Online 1st Training to all users (mobile users / web users)
Hands on Initial Training
  • Direct 1st Training to all users (mobile users / web users)
  • Additional set up fee shall be charged if it is out of Lagos
Additional Training
  • Additional trainings – in case of replacement of sales reps and/or managers
Review Meeting
  • Review meetings: to guide and analyse outcomes of SENRI together with managers
  • For the 1st month – biweekly
  • From the 2nd month – bimonthly
Daily Customer Support
  • Check if someone is not active for more than 48 hours (call/message)
  • Calls and whatsapp available 8-18 weekdays everyday
Daily Report
  • Send report everyday via whatsapp
Optional Report
  • Send weekly or monthly report - Weekly or monthly results and send to managers

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