Increase Sales Productivity,
Expand Customer Reach.

SENRI, a Mobile and Web combined app for sales automation, will help you in end-to-end productivity improvement of your sales operation.


End-to-end solution
from strategic decision to operation

Plan and Communicate with Field Staff

With SENRI, you will be equipped with all ranges of monitoring tools for field activities. You can track staff movement using GPS, plan and check field activities and communicate over customized reports.

Manage Order-to-Delivery in One Place

SENRI will help you in receiving orders from the field real-time with customizable product and pricing lists. You will also be able to monitor order to delivery processing including integration with your ERP.

Tactically and Rapidly Reach out to Customers

SENRI will allow you to accumulate customer information including customer mapping, sales records and payment history. Further, you will be able to tactically communicate with your customer by using SENRI Direct Order and bulk SMS function.


Over 100 companies in Africa and Asia
have increased sales productivities with us

SENRI Clients


Functions of SENRI
to improve sales performance

SENRI Function Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

Tracking and Check-in:

Use GPS to track staff movement including customer check-in verification

Plan Routes and Visits:

Monitor daily customer appointments and route plans using integrated calendar, including assignment of meetings

SENRI Function Order-Delivery Execution

Order-Delivery Execution

Order Taking and Processing:

Take orders at the storefront using customizable product and pricing list to send orders immediately to the office.

Multiple Pricing:

Set rules of pricing based on the types of customers including rules of bulk discount / promotion.

SENRI Function Customer Communication

Customer Communication

Customer Mapping and Database:

SENRI will help you in map out your customers with geographic tags. Accumulate further information of sales and payment history.

SMS Communication:

Select types of customers and send bulk promotional message via bulk SMS.

SENRI Function Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Customized Analytics Tools:

SENRI web app allows you to analyze historical sales and activity data with detailed analytics modules

Sales Targeting:

You can assign ranges of targets for field staff and customers so that they can view targets every day


Results obtained by introducing SENRI

"Versatile, flexible innovative system, is a definite game changer in the near future for any organization seeking to grow. An equally dedicated and hands on team, we are glad to be with SENRI, a reliable partner"

SENRI Testimonials by Supply Chain Manager, L'Oreal East Africa, Kenya

Supply Chain Manager, L'Oreal East Africa, Kenya

"Monitoring our sales team has never been easier; with clarity and visibility on who is out visiting customers and who is not. While keeping our team's working hours in check, everyone can now account for their time in the field! Real time reports have enabled us send back real time feedback for correct deploying of marketing tactics and messages by our sales team!"

SENRI Testimonials by Head of Healthcare Division, TAH Pharmaceutical, Nigeria

Head of Healthcare Division, TAH Pharmaceutical, Nigeria


SENRI has Enterprise, Standard, Entry packages
Different functions and support are available

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