Build bridges of trusts through data and technology

For most companies operating in frontier markets, it is difficult to build and maintain trust with their customers and employees. Without this trust, companies can’t grow and expand their business. Our service gives customers clear visibility into all relationships with their partners and employee activities through data - building a foundation for trust with them.

Unlock potentials of companies in frontier markets

We support companies in frontier markets because we believe that companies are the key to achieving sustainable growth. Rather than supporting governments or individuals, we choose to focus on frontier market companies. We are applying our technology to solve their specific challenges including the lack of system infrastructure, data and trusts.


Make people the center of the world through business

We envision a world in which employees, business owners and customers trust each other - where they can have confidence that their work and their transactions will be honored - and where they have the freedom to enjoy their work and their lives, knowing that SENRI’s technologies have their back.

Code of Conduct

Earn Extra Mile for Customers

We are working because we want to deliver values to customers. Values may include productivity improvement and efficiency of our customer activities. But we understand each of our customers pursues different values. We are obliged to hear from each of the customers, think through them, and execute.

Be Assertive with Fact

We don’t have any hierarchy in raising opinions. Rather, each team member is obliged to raise opportunities and challenges regardless of its position. Opinions should be equally treated when they are well-grounded with facts. However, each of us shall take responsibilities in execution as well.

Drive Ourselves to be Better than Yesterday

Each team member should commit to grow continuously. Although we may not be able to grow everyday, we will never stop efforts of setting a right direction and taking small steps everyday. We shall offer the best opportunities for growth of other team members. Yet we understand daily actions of each team member can only be the source of growth of her/him.