What we want to achieve

The East Africa economies have been recorded more than 5% annual growth over the last decade. However, advanced technology innovation and strategic management are still vital for local enterprise to evolve to regional leading companies and create sustainable employment.

On the other side, Japanese companies are still less equipped to grasp demand and establish commercial networks in African and other emerging markets in terms of both human resources and experiences.

Our approach to issue

We held discussions with 100+ local enterprises aiming at explore their demand. It concluded their major restrictions are due to underdeveloped Last-one-mile distributing system throughout thousands of supermarkets and kiosks. Today, we develop and offer software solution aiming for “delivering what they want to any places inexpensively” based on Last-one-mile distribution platform in Africa.

Plus, offering our distribution platform to international enterprise primarily from Japan, we are keen to support their market entry.

Our expertise

We are extensively experienced in ICT with focus on application development for smartphones, and strategic management with a range of professional networks in the market of East Africa as well as Japan. We are ready to support your company from the East Africa office and Japan.