July 2023 Product Updates

As a software company, we believe continuous software ”Kaizen” is our mandate, so that we can solve our customers’ daily challenges. Further, our engineers in Japan are always excited to apply state of the art technologies into SENRI, in order to explore the future of SFA. To make these things happen, we have established a robust cloud server platform that enables monthly (or much frequent!) software updates.

Dashboard Renewal

The new dashboard improves performance monitoring by user group on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

The daily tab provides valuable insights into the performance of individual Field Staff, offering detailed activity information. It allows easy tracking of first visits, the number of activities completed by each Field Staff, and their current location on the map. Additionally, it showcases company-wide performance metrics, including activities completed per hour and in total. These real-time activity updates facilitate effective communication, enabling you to optimise performance, resolve issues promptly, and allocate resources efficiently. 

The weekly and monthly tabs provide comprehensive data on total sales, visits, plans, merchandising, and customer coverage.They help to understand how the business is performing and identify any underperforming Field Staff or issues relating to merchandising activities.

SMS Notifications for Delivery Assignment and Order Dispatch

This update enables users with Delivery Assignment to send SMS notifications to customers when their orders are scheduled for delivery and dispatched. By ensuring customers receive timely updates on their orders, it significantly improves the overall customer experience and builds trust through proactive communication.