Jumbo Chem Kenya Limited Case Study

Jumbo Chem Kenya Limited is part of the Plastic Resin & Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing Industry in Kenya. It was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing solutions improve energy efficiency and provide comfort while serving to reduce energy costs.

Jumbo Chem is well known for providing unique Building and Packaging materials using South Korean technology.

They have a wide range of quality Insulation solutions for Roof Insulation, Container/Wall Insulation, and Pipe Lagging; Damp Proof Membrane; Floor Underlay; Expansion Joint Filler; Sealant Cords and Duct-Wrap lagging.

Jumbo Chem Sales Team Operation

The Business Development team go out in the field in search of potential customers and get information on projects and building sites.

The managers then give the prospective customers to the sales team who follow up on the products the projects require till completion.

Challenges to be solved by SENRI

  1. User Tracking
    • Knowing exactly where users are within work hours was a challenge as there was no way to track them while they are in the field.
    • The manager must individually call them to get real time updates.
  2. Data collection point
    • Jumbo Chem Kenya Limited had to keep track of all their activities manually, as well as via email.
    • Making correct analysis of the data collected was time consuming and tiresome.

How SENRI Improved Company Operations

The company had been facing several challenges before Senri in terms of activity monitoring and data collection.
Since Jumbo Chem implemented the SENRI system, the following has been achieved.

  1. GPRS Tracking
    • What SENRI does
      • The GPS function on Senri makes it possible to track and locate the users to ensure their working hours as required.
      • Senri enables the management to view the coverage of their customer base which aids in proper planning.
    • Changes happened to the team.
      • Earlier on, managers had to physically call the users to track their movements daily. This was not dependable as most would be unreachable or busy with clients.
      • There was also a challenge of pinpointing customer locations as the users only wrote the areas where the sites were.
      • Since they began using Senri, the managers can now comfortably track the movements of their staff and pinpoint the specific locations of their clients on the field.
  2. Tracking Projects
    • What SENRI does
      • Senri has a report module that enables users to record projects and their status as received on the field.
      • The reports are then submitted to the back end where managers access and view in real time.
    • Changes happened to the team.
      • Previously, users recorded their project visits on spreadsheets which were then submitted at the end of the week for review.
      • As a result, feedback was received almost a week late, but by using the senri mobile application, sending project reports to the office is now much easier and faster.
  3. Route Planning
    • What SENRI does
      • With the help of the Schedule function the users can plan for potential meetings with customers throughout the week and the managers are able to view these plans in real time.
      • The manager is also able to add specific routes to customers of interest and push them to users.
    • Changes happened to them.
      • Now, the users can quickly and easily add their plans to the Senri application which sends a reminder on the day of the visit with the time and activity set.
      • The manager can know what the user will be discussing with the customer on a set visit beforehand and can advise accordingly.
  4. Data Analysis
    • What SENRI does
      • SENRI provides a very robust back-end system which keeps track of all user activities.
      • All data recorded by the user is available through Senri web app and can be filtered to suit the company’s needs.
    • Changes happened to them.
      • SENRI has enabled flawless analysis through visit and project reports available for download on the system, saving time.
      • This analysis is used to make better informed decisions to steer the company forward


In conclusion, Jumbo Chem Kenya Limited has seen great change in the daily working of their teams and is better placed for faster growth in the industry.