L’PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Company Profile

L’PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals is a leading indigenous pharmaceutical company based in Nigeria. The company was founded in 2006 and plays a major role in marketing and distribution of a wide range of product lines in the pharmaceutical sector.

L’PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals deals in importation, distribution and sales of pharmaceutical products. It’s product portfolio includes:

  • Oncology drugs
  • Non-Oncology drugs

The company’s field team comprises of three divisions, namely:

  1. L’PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals that has 15 field staff
  2. Innov8 Specialties Ltd that comprises of 7 field staff
  3. Manola Pharmaceuticals with 13 field staff

The field staff are spread all over all regions of Nigeria.

The company also has a customer profile of 8000+ unique customers that trusts them to meet their individual needs.

Basic Work of Field Team

The L’PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals is responsible for the following functions:

  • Visit institutions, hospitals, pharmacies to detail their products and take sales orders. They are then required to process the orders and follow through to ensure that the orders are delivered on time.
  • Introduce the company to institutions that are not using their products and register them as new customers.
  • Collect and record feedback from the customers to understand the challenges they may be facing with end users of their pharmaceuticals products.

Challenges to Solve

L’PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals company and field staff encountered the following challenged before implementing the SENRI system:

  • Verifying Field staff visit: L’PaceMaker lacked a system that could tell the management whether the staff visited their clients. This was especially difficult because they are spread widely across the country. It was much harder to maintain a consistent cycle of customer visits.
  • Verifying sales orders and quantity: The company also had difficulties recording, monitoring and delivering customer orders on time. It previously took a lot of time for the sales orders to be received, processed and dispatched to the specific customers.
  • Verifying number of daily visits: The management had no system that could tell them how many times each field rep visited their customers. The sales reps previously reported on field activities by filling a visit report form. This was highly unreliable as the reports could be filled with irregularities.

Benefits of SENRI System

L’PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals company has observed major progress since they implemented the SENRI system. They have recorded the following benefits:

  • Plan Itinerary
    • What SENRI Does
      • Schedule Function: This function helps the management to know whether the sales staff are meeting their targets and working as they are required.
    • Changes Happened to Team
      • The managers now have an idea, which customer will be visited, the objective of the visit and specific details of attention for the visit.
      • The managers schedule the reps visit based on importance of the visit and also know the number of daily visits.
      • The reps became more conscious of the need to make customer visits. They recognise that if they don’t use the app to capture visit details, their manager will assume they did not work. This is because on such days, reports, sales orders etc do not come through their SENRI App.
      • The managers now have an idea of where reps will visit through the schedule management. The managers can also quantify the numbers of schedules met based on what the reps have set through the App.
  • Order Taking
    • What SENRI Does
      • Sales Function: This function helps the sales reps to record orders from customers and track them for fast delivery.
    • Changes Happened to Team
      • The field staff use the order taking function on the SENRI App to capture sales orders raised from customer visits. They also use the pdf sharing function for the receipt. This helps to validate the sales order and the manager can easily start onward logistic delivery of ordered products.
      • Real time verification of orders generated helps in faster delivery time to customers through logistics.
  • GPS Information
    • What SENRI Does
      • GPS Tracking: The SENRI app has integrated GPS tracking in its system for easier tracking and mapping.
    • Changes Happened to Team
      • The GPS information and visit list (attendance) helps the management to confirm if reps visited their customers in the field. The manager is also able to know the exact time customers were visited and how much time was spent at each customer location.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • What SENRI Does
      • Visit Report: This function enables the field team to report in real time. The managers are able to make business decisions based on reports submitted. This makes the management’s work easier
    • Changes Happened to Team
      • The feedback gotten from this report helps management to know how to address customer issues. This has led to an increase in customer satisfaction as the company’s services are tailor-made to satisfy their customers.

In conclusion, the SENRI app has been quite instrumental in revolutionizing L’PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals operations. The sales reps are now able to record customer visits, take their orders and track the deliveries.

On the other hand, the company’s management is now able to track their reps’ activities and customer visits. Most importantly, they have been able to improve their services to achieve customer satisfaction.