How to increase your sales team productivities by 18%+ with SENRI

Measurement and quantification are the 1st step for strategic management and maximise outcomes.
Peter Drucker, Austrian-American management consultant and so-called “the founder of modern management”, mentions “ If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”.

SENRI follows these concepts and has been provided with a number of quantifications of sales managers.

1.Basic methods with SENRI’s activity report

Monitor the number of visits and quantify the efforts and eliminate fraud and cheating with strong GPS verification of visits.

SENRI does not only monitor sales amount but also the number of visits. Of course, top sales staff will always bring good sales outcomes. But do you think you cannot help those who do not achieve their target at all?

Sales manager needs to understand the context and reasons behind. Do they fail to talk with customers although they visit outlets? Do they actually not visit customers? Are they able to see the customers but their skills and communication are still under development? Sales of all those different sales staff may result in low levels but action to take must be very different.

SENRI can work with sales managers to quantify verified visits and streamline required actions to each sales staff.

2.Advanced methods with SENRI’s activity report

SENRI’s activity report does not only provide the number of visits and some of our clients utilise more measurement to grasp each output of sales staff.

A.Monitor duration of visits and distance moved

SENRI can measure the duration sales staff spends and distance moved for each outlet and also raise flags in case of short visits or when it increases. Managers can also monitor total distance moved as coverage and distance between visits.

B.Monitor working time with clock in and out

SENRI can flag 1st visit and last visit on the day. Some companies set time to make 1st visit by and field staff have to report if they miss the time.

C.Monitor ratio between new customer and existing customer visit

SENRI can differentiate visits to newly added customers, existing customers and its ratios. Some managers set certain percentages or certain targets against new customer acquisition and monitor them.

3.Impact to sales team
Most companies can result in an increase in the number of visits 18%-22% by introducing SENRI and especially impacts are high when you link it with target and incentives.

Taking examples for FMCG company in Nigeria, manager monitors #visits every week and staff cannot get weekly incentives unless #visits are reached through the business days. As a result, they have improved #visits drastically as the below graph shows.

4. Testimonials from SASO industries – Nigeria

With the implementation of the SENRI software, SASO has been able to expand their reach and track their sales reps a lot better. With the Visit Report function, managers are able to track the number of visits made by the sales representatives and the location of the customers who are signed on by the salespersons.

The most and least effective team members can be easily identified, making it possible for managers to know the best sales representatives for their teams and to set incentives that motivate team members.

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