July 2022 Product Updates

As a software company, we believe continuous software ”Kaizen” is our mandate, so that we can solve our customers’ daily challenges. Further, our engineers in Japan are always excited to apply state of the art technologies into SENRI, in order to explore the future of SFA. To make these things happen, we have established a robust cloud server platform that enables monthly (or much frequent!) software updates.


1 New alerts for suspicious visits

Basically, you can track customer visits of your sales staff through SENRI, and this update gives you 3 types of alerts automatically to be aware of suspicious activity easier!! For instance, we will raise alerts when sales staff report more than 8 customer visits within 30mins. Also, sales staff can see the alerts like the top of the image below.


1 Delivery assignment

Previously, managers had to edit each transaction to select PIC one by one to assign transactions to delivery staff. Even after the assignment, it wasn’t easy to manage those assignments on SENRI.

This update makes it easy for managers to assign transactions to field staff with drag and drop and plans will be automatically created to notify the assignment to delivery staff.

You can check weekly delivery status on the dashboard like the below.

In addition, the delivery staff can confirm those delivery assignments on the app.