6 areas of improvement led by order process automation

How does order process automation really increase productivity?

If you are a manager who engages in sales or procurement activities, you might have thought about automation of order processing and even you might have already tried it.

But does automation really make things better? If yes, how?
We sometimes talk with managers who do not really make sense of the values of automation. This article explores the 10 values led by automation, which we present to managers.

Let’s start from basic values.

1 Monitor order amount in real-time without waiting for reports from different departments

If you need to wait for the finance department to configure sales reports on a weekly or monthly basis, it may delay your actions or feedback to your sales teams.
SENRI will give you sales figures on a daily basis or even in the middle of the day for your quick actions.

2 Capture secondary sales trends and monitor distributor’s activities in real time

Secondary sales trends may give you more insight from different perspectives but most secondary sales data is kept in distributors. Some of our current customers even did not receive sales data of each secondary customer but only total sales from distributors. Let them use SENRI now. You can receive detailed visit and transaction data and map your secondary sales to get more market insight.

3 Reduce double work of inputting orders

In most sales teams, after sales staff input orders at customer sites, orders are sent or taken back to the office and the back office team needs to re-input orders to the accounting system. SENRI can integrate with the ERP or account system so that orders received by SENRI are sent upon approval. Plus SENRI can receive product price or payment status etc from ERP to achieve further automation.

4 Reduce errors and increase speed

Orders info contains lots of data, such as product name, codes, quantities, other remarks, customer name, payment term or delivery term etc. Importantly, all the information must be correct. By reducing double work and manual work, SENRI reduces human errors and increase time to deliver goods.

Let’s move onto advanced points.

5 Manage a variety of pricing and discount

Effective pricing and discount matters for the sales team a lot but it is sometimes difficult to manage it. Especially when you have a large number of SKUs, it may be challenging even just to share updated prices and discounts to sales staff and make sure all sales staff apply them to customers. Just leave it to SENRI. SENRI will make sure all on behalf of you.

6 Reduce back-office workload to process orders

SENRI can reduce overtime work in the back office after the sales team finishes work. Back-office team usually needs to process the orders by the end of the day to facilitate delivery the following day, thus the back office team possibly has to work since some orders are sent to the office in the evening.

As SENRI can send orders in real time, managers and back office teams can start processing orders in the middle of the day *before the sales staff finishes work. Plus as SENRI reduces double work and errors, the back office team can finish their work right after sales staff received last orders in a day.