January 2023 Product Updates

As a software company, we believe continuous software ”Kaizen” is our mandate, so that we can solve our customers’ daily challenges. Further, our engineers in Japan are always excited to apply state of the art technologies into SENRI, in order to explore the future of SFA. To make these things happen, we have established a robust cloud server platform that enables monthly (or much frequent!) software updates.

A new price scheme
This update makes it possible to apply price schemes not only to tier but also customer type, region and user group. Plus, sales managers can decide periodical settings of price schemes so that monthly, weekly special campaigns are easier to manage.

The below is the setting screen where you make some campaigns.

Plans and the result of the visit on map
This update enables managers to check the plan by map at the same time when they check field staff’s activity tracking. Managers can understand whether a field staff missed the plan or not.

2 Factor Authentication
2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is  a stronger security function than password itself that helps confidential information in SENRI protect from outside of the company. A  third-party authentication party app needs to be downloaded to enable this function.