Synergy Lubricant Solutions Limited Case Study

Synergy Lubricant Solutions Limited, commonly referred to as Slusol is among the leading lubricant suppliers in Kenya. It was founded in 2011 with the aim of providing solutions to lubricant users that reduce maintenance and lubrication costs.

Slusol has emerged a major supplier to various industries including transport, steel, sugar, food manufacture, construction, cement and tourist industries.

They are well known for reliability in delivering products that are value for money.

They have a wide range of products which include; automotive lubricants, agricultural lubricants, construction industry lubricants and industrial applications lubricants.

Synergy Sales Team Operation

  1. Synergy sales representatives move around the country getting orders from clients. Once they receive orders from clients, they are processed from the office and products are delivered from the company headquarters to the respective clients.
  2. Synergy sales representatives move across the country marketing their products as they get new clients to help build the company’s customer base in different regions.

Challenges to be solved by SENRI

  1. Real-time Gps Tracking
    • The field activities have been a challenge overtime as they have no specific method to keep a record.
    • They earlier used to take a day in the week and spend in the office and do a manual report of activities done.
  2. Knowing coverage of customers
    • It has been difficult to know the coverage done per person as the team has increased.
    • The management really needed to know exactly the customers being visited and their locations.
  3. Central data keeping system
    • Synergy Lubricant Solutions Limited had to keep track of all their sales representatives activities manually, as well as orders being received through WhatsApp.
    • They could not collect market information from clients or have a point of reference to enable them make informed decisions on their products and services.

How SENRI Improved Company Operations

The company had been facing a number of challenges before Senri in terms of order processing, sales staff daily activity monitoring and a data recording tool that would enable them do better analysis as a company and arrive at better decisions.

Since the time Slusol implemented the SENRI system, the following has been achieved;

  1. Customer Mapping
    • What SENRI does
      • Through the help of the Gps function on Senri, it is possible to know and locate where every customer is situated exactly.
      • Enable the management to know the area they are covering and specific area.
    • Changes happened to them
      • Earlier on, mapping of customers or knowing the real time locations for the sales staff was not possible. It was difficult to know where each of the new customers was located as the staff are also spread out in different regions around the country.
      • Besides the challenge of not knowing the locations for the customers, they also weren’t able to tell what product was being sold to those customers.
      • Since the introduction of Senri, all this information is relayed in real time from the sales staff mobile app to the back-end of Senri at their office.
  2. Tracking Orders
    • What SENRI does
      • Senri has a sales module that enables staff to record every order received on the mobile application immediately.
      • Also it is submitted to the web interface where the management has access and can receive orders real-time.
    • Changes happened to them
      • The sales staff usually used to make phone calls to the office or send a WhatsApp message to give information of an order placed
      • In most cases, the orders could be forgotten or skipped on the WhatsApp messages; also not being able to track the urgency of each order making it difficult for the delivery to be done in time.
      • As a result most orders used to delay, but now sending orders to the office has been made simpler by the Senri mobile app
      • They can be sent at the exact time they are received to ensure immediate processing and fast delivery to their clients.
  3. Customer Profiling
    • Changes happened to them
      • The Transaction and Payment Management functions can be used to track customers’ purchase history, demographic, and collect behavioral data.
      • By monitoring individual customer interactions, managers can track responses to sales and marketing campaigns.
      • They can as well track market trends, consumer behavior, and other important information for generating a sales forecast analysis.
      • The Product Report Function can also be used to get valuable information on their competitors (e.g prices of similar products)
  4. Automated Reports
    • What SENRI does
      • With the help of the GPS Tracking Function, though the staff are in different locations, even in areas with poor network connectivity, the managers are able to know the routes their sales staff take and their specific locations when visiting with customers
      • Plus know whether they are on-site and, or offsite and how far they might be from the customer premise.
    • Changes happened to them
      • The Sales representatives, used to take a day off from the field to come to the office and compile their reports at the end or beginning of every week manually on some forms provided
      • They can now record real time and during every visit as well as pictures can be captured and attached on the reports being sent.
      • The managers get real-time reports and can give real-time feedback to their teams whether on products or customer needs.
      • These reports enable the management to make better informed decisions for the company in terms of their services or even their products.
  5. Data Analysis
    • What SENRI does
      • SENRI provides a very efficient back-end of the system to the management that enables managing staff very easily.
      • Every data recorded by the sales staff is available at the click of a button and it becomes easier to do analysis or make decisions based on data available in the system.
    • Changes happened to them
      • SENRI has enabled the onboarding of new customers and updating of the company customer database much simpler as there is now a central place to access all this data.
      • This has made the management have a better understanding of activities their staff are involved in on a daily basis as well as that information out there from their customers, which would in turn assist in making better decisions for the company and steer them forward.

In conclusion, Synergy Lubricant Solution Limited, has seen improvements in the productivity of its sales staff and the efficiency of the back-end system where all data collected by the staff is received which is currently assisting them in understanding their market more and focusing on how to achieve better outcomes.